Self Awareness

The Journey of Self Awareness.

In today’s times we feel that we are on a treadmill, going nowhere – fast!  24 hours in a day is no longer enough time.  How often do we say “I don’t have the time…”  Time is the most valuable commodity we own and it is incumbent upon us to live our lives to the fullest potential we can muster.

It is vital to feel happy, content and satisfied with ourselves.  This immediately projects into good energy and is contagious to all who come into contact with us.  You will have experienced coming into contact with people you enjoy being with, who make you laugh and feel lighthearted and you will also have experienced being in somebody’s company that seems to ‘drag’ you down, leaving you drained and tired.

We are too polite to extricate ourselves from this type of relationship but it has become a necessary exercise to look deep into the life you lead and the choices you make.  Very often we feel forced into making choices that conflict with our own desires and resentment builds, feeding into the negative position of ‘self’.

When we look deeper, we discover that many events from our past – family dynamics, school friendships, first boyfriend, lover, ex-lover, loss etc. have had an enormous impact on us.  We become a society of people pleasers, doing what we think will make others happy, neglecting the importance of ‘self’.

Hypnosis assists with  intricate insight into the life you are living and the changes you can effect to reconnect with ‘self’. To manifest your own desires, happiness and goals without being ‘self-ish’.  This is a common misperception when you invest your time into yourself. 

The relationship with oneself is so underrated and yet it’s the most important relationship of your life!

It is only when you are in touch with yourself that you are the most effective person you can be.

Let Hypnosis help you on your personal journey….Your relationship with yourself!

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