Loss & Separation

Loss and separation

Emotions associated with any type of separation reaction occur whenever your lifesyle changes significantly.  Many of us do not handle change well.  It is important to remember to confront feelings of despair to help healing. Denying or suppression of feelings will delay recovery.

There are different types of loss. Death and divorce can be devastating to an entire fanily.

Job loss threatens financial security and can result on feelings of low self esteem and loss of confidence.

Loss of a dream creating feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and frustrstion, often effecting the entire family.

Relocation maybe a better lifestyle but may cause feelings of lonliness and abandonment.

Loss of health creates fear and negativity.  The inability to live ‘normally’ and enjoy past pleasures.

Rejection causes sadness, anger and hurt being the most predominant emotions.

Often the physical reactions are imsomnia, fatigue, a change in eating patterns
Anxiety/panic attacks

There are five stages of recovety.

Learning to cope
Realisation. This may mean mood swings
Immobilisation.  A feeling of emotional paralysis
Letting go. Forgiveness of self and others

Hypnosis assists in finding a sense of emotional well being.  Blocked feelings such ad anger and sadness are confronted in a safe environment.
In order to move forward we learn from mistakes and fears by developing nrw life situations

It’s important to release blocks and plan a programme of recovery.  Realalizing the situation fully and accept emotions as part of the healing process.

Forgive all people that have created sadness and sorrow. Hypnosis will help you find compassion and the ability to move forward.

Release the negative feelings that keep you from recovering such as anger, sadness and guilt.

Lastly and most important feel a sense of healing. Turning the negative into a positive and proactive feeling. This becomes a reality when all feelings of sorrow are let go.

As women we are nurturers. We are carers, we feel guilt and sadness deeply.  But we are also strong and can overcome adversities and move onwards and upwards with pride and confidence.

We are winners not victims!

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