Marilyn Bradley

Hypnosis Studio Associate Cape Town (Southern Suburbs)

marilynMarilyn Bradley worked as an independent Marketing & Sales Consultant in Johannesburg for many years and accumulated a wealth of knowledge on behavioural patterns and inner saboteurs. She re-located to Cape Town 7 years ago and decided to integrate this knowledge with her Marketing skills to enable people to empower themselves. This extended to corporates, students and the man in the street.

Thus began her passion for enriching people’s lives. Marilyn became a regular and popular Motivational Speaker and was regularly conducting workshops. She was able to see that immediate benefits would be shortlived without positive reinforcement and that all benefits would be only of a temporary nature. Marilyn began exploring ways to achieve more permanent results and discovered the huge potential that Hypnotherapy had to offer.

She passionately embraced the benefits of Hypnotherapy as this would not only enable her to empower the lives of people she touched, but would also be able to heal mind and body.

Marilyn received International Certification Training with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH)USA and currently practices in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town..

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Target issues such as weight, anger, fitness, goal setting, smoking cessation, confidence and self esteem.


  • As we move more frantically through life and as time seems to spin more quickly than ever before, we lose our coping mechanisms and fall into patterns that create anxiety, stress, depression and worst of all, inaction!
  • We procrastinate in our lives, our jobs, our relationships, but especially our FINANCES. The domino effect of all this worry moves us into a state of fear paralysis. It traps us, holds us captive and we fall into a rut of despair.
  • You want somebody to hear you, know how you are feeling, to empathize with the difficulties that are beginning to clutter up your life and distort your focus.

Marilyn Bradley is a clinically trained hypnotherapist with vast experience in corporate dynamics, strategies, performance appraisals and associated dynamics. She has added to her experience by mentoring some of the Cape’s top corporate businessmen with impressive results. Her strength is her corporate background, which gives Marilyn enormous insight and empathy in understanding how hard the market is out there. Sales driven people are facing the toughest challenge and this is the area where stress factors are the highest.

Marilyn has developed a Program THE MERRY GO ROUND OF STRESS, which targets a client’s specific challenges that they face on a daily basis. Behaviour modification is channelled into purpose, focus and success. Getting off the MERRY GO ROUND completes this Program, where you feel reshaped into a dynamic ARROW that hits the target every time with attitudinal change. Contact Marilyn for further information.


I met Marilyn in the beginning of 2006, desperate for help to loose weight, realising that for me dieting will never work in the long-term as I had a very strong emotional connection with food which I needed to sort out. For me, the initial weight loss we tried did not work and we soon realised that I was blocking my own progress (this is called “self sabotage”).

Like so many people out there, I had a very difficult childhood and my life as an adult was a continuous, difficult struggle where I just never felt “good enough” and therefore never felt comfortable being me. Change was my constant companion, driving me to become someone “better” and the fear of not reaching this goal was consuming any joy, happiness or sense of accomplishment/self-worth I should feel. Marilyn and I started on a journey of recovery, taking misconceptions I had created about myself as a child and putting them into an adult’s perceptive. In the end, she introduced me to the real me, someone I’m very proud of being. Today, I not only live without emotional eating, I also live without fear – those few words sounds so simple, I wish I could explain to someone what that’s really like and how massively that changes your life….

Marilyn has given me a gift I could never repay her for, my life. I will never be able to thank her enough for what she’s done for me.


Dear Marilyn

Today I am celebrating my six month anniversary as a non-smoker. As you know, I tried everything to quit and when I came to you, you were my last resort. I felt miserable and was sure I would fail.

But I didn’t count on you!! You were tremendously supportive all the way, convincing me that the littlest step forward was a great accomplishment and today I am celebrating that accomplishment as a healthy non-smoker! Thank you.


Hi Marilyn

I wanted you to be one of the first to know that I have been promoted to the head of my department. You, more than anybody, knows what this means to me. The best thing I did was to visit your website. I was terribly self-conscious and lacked confidence in myself. I had become very withdrawn and it was impacting on my work, especially at my last Performance Appraisal. Meeting you changed my life and the way I looked at myself. I want to thank you for your kindness, understanding and determination which contributed to this event.


Dear Marilyn

I was battling the bulge and eating non-stop. I had lost all control and now not only was I overweight, but I was severely depressed as well. My sessions with you were wonderful. You made me believe in myself and never gave up on me. The time I spent in hypnosis was an unbelievable experience and your lovely humour carried me through a lot of dark days. Thank you, my friend and hypnotherapist! Not only did I lose kilos, but these days, I approach life with a much more relaxed and confident attitude.


Hi Marilyn

It thought it might just be the right time to thank you for the help you have given me to date. It has made such a difference to the way I look at things, especially myself. Its not very easy to expose one’s soul to a stranger but you have made it so easy by maintaining a mix of friendship, care and professionalism. (Even when I tried to change the subject at times.)

It is so nice to know that there are people such as yourself that show a genuine compassion for those needing help and not just seeing them as “just another nutcase” I must admit that I initially I looked for some indication that I was just “another” but never saw it.

Anyway enough of this mushy crap. Thanks again and have a lovely day.



Hi Marilyn

I just want to thank you for the getting me on the right track with my weight-loss. On my scale I’ve lost 4 kilo’s already, which is much more than what I’ve lost the past 2 years using a diet. And now I am not on a diet anymore! I am still doing my exercise 4-5 times a week. I feel restless if i didn’t get my day’s exercise in.

You may keep me informed of any informational sessions you might have.

Thank you for your kindness!

I hope you have a wonderful festive season.

Kind regards


Hi Marilyn

Thank you for this latest session – I felt decidedly uplifted by the time I got home – energized in fact. Your positive feedback, empathy, encouragement & understanding is very much appreciated (that sounds so lame compared to how I’m feeling!).

I can’t remember ever being in such a relaxed state as I was this evening – ever in my life – thoroughly enjoyable. I’m also sensing that as I relax more in your presence, so I’m able to extract memories & feelings I’d totally forgotten about.

I think all of this is very positive for me & I thank you sincerely (again, that’s an understatement).

Kindest Regards


Hi Marilyn

When I first came to see you in March, I didn’t believe that anything a hypnotherapist could do could help me. I am by nature a cynic and a pessimist! However, when we started working together, you changed my mind immediately and completely. You made me believe in myself, believe in the type of therapy you practice and believe in “happy endings”.

Stopping smoking is the biggest thing I have done for myself in 10 years. No-one who has not been addicted to smoking will ever understand what a HUGE mind shift and gift it is to stop. I went from feeling powerless and weak, often despising myself for hurting my body so regularly and by choice, to an overwhelming feeling of power, victory and pride.

You are such a strong, kind, positive person, and your passion for people and for your work shines through like a bright light. In the short time we’ve known each other, you have truly touched my life and given me freedom.

M du P

Morning Marilyn

How are you doing? I have been meaning to get in touch with you for the past week already to let you know my news.

Well, after nearly fours years of trying to fall pregnant, it has finally happened!!! Very unexpected and was very shocked, but obviously absolutely delighted.

I am sure that even though we only had 2 sessions, the hypnosis definitely played a role towards my success. You asked me in my second session to choose a date in my mind and by that date I should have what I want – well, my date was the 17 August!!

I am now 7 weeks pregnant, still early days, but I know everything will be great. Baby will be born by Caesarian round about the 28th Feb 2008!! My little boy is so delighted he is getting a brother or sister, it really brings tears to my eyes.

Thank you for your help and making me alleviate my stresses and believe that it will happen, when the time is right. I was barely thinking about this at all, since I holiday is coming up in September and lots of work things happening as well – so it just goes to show, what the mind can do for the body!!!

All the best with your future successes


Hi Marilyn

Thanks for the interesting comment about the Tarot card – I believe it has some merit. I just wanted to tell you how excited I am because all of a sudden my memory has been fully restored and I no longer have recall problems for short term or long term . It is as good or better than it has ever been in my life. I am so chuffed – thank you so much

Michael J

Dear Marilyn

I hope you are well. I have been meaning to e-mail you for quite some time but have not got to it until today. Today is a significant day as the 19th May is the date that came to mind while in hypnosis and dealing with the pregnancy issue. Today, the 19th May, I am very happy to tell you that I am 10 weeks pregnant! Yes, we did have to go through some hectic treatment but we handled it so well and as difficult as it was it intensified the bond Ian and I have

Since my sessions with you life has been so much more comfortable. I finally feel that I am the woman I always longed to be and suspected I could be. I’m not as easily “rattled” by life’s trial and tribulations. I don’t walk through life feeling like a victim anymore. I don’t see myself as “less than” and at last I truly believe that I am capable of living my life on my terms.

Thank you for the role you played in helping me to get to this healthier, happier place in my life.

With love

J Cape Town


I reached my goal weight today, 10kgs lighter and have now implemented the next stage as you directed. For the first time in my life I feel confident about my weight and my body image. You have shown me how easy it is to have a healthy relationship with food and to not feel deprived.

Thank You

Theresa L – Cape Town


I felt very dismal when seeking your help regarding my sexuality but you made it so easy to talk about. In only a short time, I am astonished at the positive results that I am already experiencing. I look forward to every session and am grateful for your help.

TB Cape Town

WE’RE PREGNANT!!! And I am positive that my sessions with you played a huge part in getting my mind right. THANK YOU!!!

M dS Cape Town

Good morning Marilyn

I don’t know if you remember me,but I came to you about a month ago for you to help me quit smoking. I am very proud to say that I haven’t touched a cigarette since I left your house the first time and i have never felt better. Everyone here is so shocked to find out that I quit smoking and with no mood swings,cravings or problems. I went through one of the biggest crises last week, and only after it being sorted out and me calming down did I realize that I never once even thought about having a cigarette. Where as I normally would have stocked up on the cigarettes and smoked constantly. But the point of my story is that I never once thought about having a cigarette. So thank you very much for your help because I would not have been able to do it without your help. Thank you very much again and hope you have a good weekend!


Hi Marilyn

I just want to say a HUGE Thank-you. You have helped me so much. Its amazing, my relationships improved because I don’t take on the negative & internalize it and I don’t get sucked into peoples “pity parties” either!

I feel liberated and each day it gets better and better!

Your work is what makes this world a better place.

May you always be blessed


Hi Marilyn

Thought I should let you know that I am still a non smoker and will be for life!

I hate smoking now and the stench and to think that that was what I smelt like!

With kind regards