Self esteem

Loss of self esteem does not suddenly occur. Self depreciation is not an accident.  It reflects a condition that is rooted in the past. The major cause is often judgmental parents, teachers or friends. it results in fear of failure, an immobilising condition and often a fear of success.

Self esteem maybe how we perceive our physical self. Society has unrealistic expectations.  Are we ‘pretty’? Are we too fat? Are we popular? If we view ourselves negatively it reflects behaviour and actions. A positive approach is self acceptance.  The acceptance of our physical self can shift focus of mental, social and emotional development. So the major goal is to improve how we see ourselves in order to develop a positive self esteem – not just for today or tomorrow, but permanently!

Specifically it is necessary to consider the following:
*  Rid past negative programming
*  improve self projection ( watch out for
Body language)
*  increase confidence and self  acceptance
*  change perspective in relation to problem solving.

Remember people are interested in who you are and your opinions.  Reflect on all the positive aspects of yourself and be proud of who are!

Hypnosis will help focus on positivity and confidence.  Give you suggestions which will assist you in changing behaviour and attitude.  Enable to perceive problems and challenges as opportunities.  Promote exercise and healthy eating.Feel capable and in control of yourself and life in general.  Encourage friends with a positive outlook.

You are a special and precious person.  Believe in yourself, for you know best, so aim for the best and live your dream!

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