Careers… Choices or Changes..let Hypnosis help you!

A career choice is for life not just for a living!

Are you feeling tired, frustrated and overwhelmed in your career? Do you need a change to fulfil your potential? Are you getting the acknowledgement and recognition you deserve?

Hypnosis Studio offers a compehensive evaluation and assessment of skills and abilities.

Making a career choice or change is a difficult decision. Therefore it is necessary to explore all avenues of interests. It is not an a single isolated decision – it is an extension of your self concept. The kind of person you think you are is reflected in the type of career you choose.

Often careers are chosen for the wrong reasons:
*  excessive parent influence
*  group pressure
*  unrealistic expectations
*  career myths
*  lack of career guidance

Hypnosis assists in self development and management, decision making and  ways of attaining goals.

It is important to assess and evaluates ourselves in order to obtain a realistic picture of who we really are. It is necessary to recognise predominant interests, skills, abilities, values, needs and goals. Leisure interests, hobbies and social activities often indicate the type of career which would fulfil needs and senhance self concept.

A positive attitude and commitment is essential to achieve success.  Achievement is what makes us happy.

Many of us dream of doing something else for a living, but fear holds us back. Be fearless in the pursuit . You are never too old to follow your dream – you can make a career change if you really put your mind to it!

You’ve got to dream big with hypnosis as your guide!

Loss & Separation

Loss and separation

Emotions associated with any type of separation reaction occur whenever your lifesyle changes significantly.  Many of us do not handle change well.  It is important to remember to confront feelings of despair to help healing. Denying or suppression of feelings will delay recovery.

There are different types of loss. Death and divorce can be devastating to an entire fanily.

Job loss threatens financial security and can result on feelings of low self esteem and loss of confidence.

Loss of a dream creating feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and frustrstion, often effecting the entire family.

Relocation maybe a better lifestyle but may cause feelings of lonliness and abandonment.

Loss of health creates fear and negativity.  The inability to live ‘normally’ and enjoy past pleasures.

Rejection causes sadness, anger and hurt being the most predominant emotions.

Often the physical reactions are imsomnia, fatigue, a change in eating patterns
Anxiety/panic attacks

There are five stages of recovety.

Learning to cope
Realisation. This may mean mood swings
Immobilisation.  A feeling of emotional paralysis
Letting go. Forgiveness of self and others

Hypnosis assists in finding a sense of emotional well being.  Blocked feelings such ad anger and sadness are confronted in a safe environment.
In order to move forward we learn from mistakes and fears by developing nrw life situations

It’s important to release blocks and plan a programme of recovery.  Realalizing the situation fully and accept emotions as part of the healing process.

Forgive all people that have created sadness and sorrow. Hypnosis will help you find compassion and the ability to move forward.

Release the negative feelings that keep you from recovering such as anger, sadness and guilt.

Lastly and most important feel a sense of healing. Turning the negative into a positive and proactive feeling. This becomes a reality when all feelings of sorrow are let go.

As women we are nurturers. We are carers, we feel guilt and sadness deeply.  But we are also strong and can overcome adversities and move onwards and upwards with pride and confidence.

We are winners not victims!

Hypno Meditation

For optimism  to be heartfelt, it needs to be rooted in experience. Making an effort to control negatively and help strengthen positivity is developing an optimistic mindset.

So how do you do it?

Most distress in daily life isn’t  created by events – it’s our interpretation.  Pessimistic thoughts turn into crisis
Break rumination- when something bad happens. Seek a healthy distraction, think straight, see the bigger picture. Avoid the downward spiral.

Enjoy the good things in life. The most positive people spend more time with people they enjoy and love.  We laugh more , smile more thus creating happy memories. It’s best just to go with the flow. Find your passion, something that absorbs you… can be anything. Dream about the future – having something to look forward to enhances positivity. Whatever it is, see it in great ,
Technicolor detail…..!!

Meditate, be mindful. This can really give us power over pessimism.  It creates a detachment that dissolves negative thinking. We may still have worries and doubts, but this gives us the power to let them pass.

Join a hypnomeditation session and turn the negative into a positive lifestyle!….Become the eternal optimist!