Feeling is just as important as doing..emotions grow and fester and then dictate negative behaviour. The only way to resolve these situations is to confront the feeling and act on it. So start by identifying and dealing with difficult emotions.

Learn to forgive. To forgive is to let something go, mourn and grieve the loss and be ready to move on. Forgiveness is ultimately an act of of self compassion. It’s painful but necessary to ‘ dump’ what is causing these negstive emotions.

Understand that failing is a part of being brave. We may experience disappointment but at least we tried, whatever the outcome!!

Self respect comes from accepting blame.  We have to take responsibility for our own life and actions and learn from mistakes.

No matter how hard we try, sometimes things go wrong.  We need to examine past mistakes, forgive, let go of self blame, reject any regrets ……start again!!
Reach for the stars!

Jane Pogrund