Careers… Choices or Changes..let Hypnosis help you!

A career choice is for life not just for a living!

Are you feeling tired, frustrated and overwhelmed in your career? Do you need a change to fulfil your potential? Are you getting the acknowledgement and recognition you deserve?

Hypnosis Studio offers a compehensive evaluation and assessment of skills and abilities.

Making a career choice or change is a difficult decision. Therefore it is necessary to explore all avenues of interests. It is not an a single isolated decision – it is an extension of your self concept. The kind of person you think you are is reflected in the type of career you choose.

Often careers are chosen for the wrong reasons:
*  excessive parent influence
*  group pressure
*  unrealistic expectations
*  career myths
*  lack of career guidance

Hypnosis assists in self development and management, decision making and  ways of attaining goals.

It is important to assess and evaluates ourselves in order to obtain a realistic picture of who we really are. It is necessary to recognise predominant interests, skills, abilities, values, needs and goals. Leisure interests, hobbies and social activities often indicate the type of career which would fulfil needs and senhance self concept.

A positive attitude and commitment is essential to achieve success.  Achievement is what makes us happy.

Many of us dream of doing something else for a living, but fear holds us back. Be fearless in the pursuit . You are never too old to follow your dream – you can make a career change if you really put your mind to it!

You’ve got to dream big with hypnosis as your guide!

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