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Each Hypnosis Studio consultant is trained and qualified to work with you. In addition to the formal training, each associate has a set of life skills and common sense values that bring the treatment success ratio to the highest possible level. And they are all warm, kind and good people! …more

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Good news from Cape Town.. Marilyn our weight control specialist has extended her   Wellness and Weight Management programs  at a special rate for the rest of 2016

An offer on the table for the Corporate Execs out there, who face mounting pressure and anxiety in their lives.  From home to office, all round wellness has become a top priority for many Executives.  This is a LIFE STYLE PROGRAM of  10 sessions which are tailor made to suit the client. Embracing all levels of their daily living and working experience.  Neutralising anxiety and enhancing their ability to tap into their highest potential

SPECIAL : R6500 or R 700 per session.

Weight Control Special!…Summer is here!

Marilyn our expert to go to for Weight Management.. Not only is she a Professional Hypnotist “She walks the Talk” and has had so much success in this field…This is a great summer offer..call her now at the Newlands Studio!

LADIES : Get a head start on summer and ease into a new lifestyle of eating…the healthy and nutritious way.Lose weight without feeling deprived or hungry.  Programs are contoured to suit the clients’ lifestyle and weight loss together with a lifestyle change, is rapidly achieved.

Program of 6 sessions.  Pay for 5 and get the 6 session free.  R750.00 per session


Single Session rates & Health Packages now offered

Single Sessions
Initial Consultation 90 minutes R795
Subsequent sessions 60 minutes R750
Please call your nearest therapist to find out what specials are available throughout the year.
Janice Midrand, Johannesburg 083 3009538
Marilyn Newlands, Cape Town 082 7844440

Smoking cessation now 3 sessions R2100 or R850 by installment

  • Hypnosis Studio is now offering a new format to stop smoking…Using the very latest information available we will be with you 100% to kick the habit!
  • Session 1) Preparation to become smoke free
  • Session 2) Become a nonsmoker today!
  • Session 3) Address any issues such as weight gain,new behaviors etc

Weight Control
We have a program to suit you…below are two highly recommended protocols

  • Our own exceptional Weight Control Program “Hypnoband”  The Virtual Gastric Band Program  5 sessions R3600 or R850 by installments
  •  Michael Mosley the  5:2 fast diet together with Hypnosis is the most successful program we have ever experienced….4  sessions R2800 or R850 by installments.
Hypnosis and weight loss – how it works
weightHypnosis works because it works on the level of feelings, patterns, and unconscious motivations.

It’s much better when we feel we want to eat healthily rather than just think that we should.

Used well, hypnosis will help people naturally feel like making the right choices.

This doesn’t mean that someone who’s had hypnotherapy for weight loss will never have to use their will power, but it does mean they’ll feel better able to use it.

Once you feel it rather than just think it…you are ready!! We will work on all aspects to guarantee success!!

Complete Health Package

      10 sessions R6950 ( + 1 free)  We can target issues  such as weight, anger, fitness, goal setting, smoking cessation, confidence and self esteem.

How Hypnosis really works. It seems that most of us want to change, that we want to be more relaxed, healthier, more alive. But here lies the basic problem of human transformation. Although we say we want a different kind of life — and may even be involved in many projects for improving ourselves — there is a part of us which stubbornly resists any redirection in our lives. This part of us, which refuses to let go is rooted in the subconscious mind.


howHypWorks1Getting rid of Unwanted Habits…Creating New Ones

Rapid Relief by getting to the root of the problem.

Taking this example a little further, you could look at the picture of the weed and divide it up into three distinct areas: first there is the area where the roots are, the soil, that is equivalent to the subconscious mind; the second area, where the grass is, is equivalent to the conscious mind, the part that is easy to see; and finally, there is the part that sticks up into the air for yourself and everyone else to see, the weed, the part of ourselves that we don’t like.

The part we don’t like might be a bad habit like biting your finger nails, or something more serious like smoking, a phobia,procrastination, compulsive eating or indeed any behavior  that makes you unhappy.

Some treatments just deal with the behavior or the outward symptom, and that would be like mowing off the weed, it is likely that it will return. In the short term you might feel better, like going on a diet, losing the weight, and then the weight returns, because the real cause of the excess weight was never eliminated! Then you feel frustrated, and may even gain more weight (more weeds!).

Hypnotherapy done properly will remove the problem at the root, by helping the client to see or experience the situation, thought or idea that started the problem differently. If the root is removed, then the problem ceases to exist!

The Problem Developed Like A Stack of Bricks!howHypWorks2

Notice the upside down stack of bricks. How the problem evolved, into what it is today, is kind of like that stack of bricks. The brick on the bottom is like the first situation in your life (usually forgotten) that started the whole thing.

It is some situation, thought or idea that occurred in your past, it was like a “seed” in the above example of the weed. All by itself, it does not amount to much, but given the “right” circumstances, enough reinforcement in subsequent days, months and years (the next three layers of bricks), and it can develop into some real troublesome symptoms (the top layer of bricks). Each brick on the top layer could represent a different symptom, compulsive eating, head aches, low self-esteem, drug abuse, etc. (like the part of the weed that sticks up in the air).

Hypnotic techniques remove the bottom brick ( the power of the initial event) that holds up all of the rest of the stack of bricks. If the bottom brick is removed the whole thing crumbles, symptoms, problems and all! (Brick example is from Stephen Parkhill’s, Answer Cancer.)